Your best resource, period.

ROI is dedicated to serving and providing unsurpassed expertise in the area of worker's comp insurance fraud investigation. We provide the highest definition of investigative expertise for EVERY client, on EVERY case, EVERY day. Bob Long, Founder of ROI, has been widely-recognized as the leading AOE/COE & surveillance resource.

Video equipment is the heart and soul of surveillance and we make the necessary investments to acquire and maintain the highest definition in video evidence. Surveillance is not only about acquiring the latest technology, but about having the right tools and technology for the specific surveillance at hand.

A critical aspect of surveillance is the ability to “blend-in” in plain sight. Over the last 15 years, we've developed the techniques necessary to obtain high quality footage without detection and without the shaking, blurriness, and obstructions that can compromise the resolution of your settlement.

This powerful combination of equipment and technique ensure that the footage acquired will stand up to the questions and opinions of others long after the surveillance occurred.

Our commitment to unsurpassed excellence provides you the flexibility and freedom to maintain control over the claim and secure the best resolution of your case.

We appreciate and value the confidentiality of our clients. Our ability to successfully perform our investigations relies on both privacy and anonymity. Therefore we refrain from posting client names and video that, although entertaining, can potentially compromise our ability to protect your evidence. We will provide references upon request.

Our client list is growing at a steady pace. We welcome you to inquire about our services and how you can become a client. If you believe our services might be right for you, please contact us.